22nd October 2013

Feedback in game based learning Part II

When I first thought about the possibility of Games for Good, shortly after re-reading ‘Reality is Broken’ by Jane McGonigal, I was thinking that the products I would like to create would fall into three main categories;  games which aid […]

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20th October 2013

Feedback in Game Based learning Part I

Watching ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ this evening has made me think a little about the nature of feedback – giving feedback, receiving feedback and the purpose it serves. First, there’s the feedback from Craig, often in pantomime villain mode, accompanied by […]

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15th October 2013

How this blog post got written

So there I was, racking my brains for a topic to blog about, feeling like the inaugural blog post in this space should be deep, pregnant with meaning, a promise of the gems to follow. I felt the same feeling […]

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