31st July 2018

Building skills brick by brick

Building skills brick by brick

In January this year the World Economic Forum published “Towards a reskilling revolution”. It starts by stressing the need for lifelong learning, both for employees, who need to keep up with rapidly changing skills requirements, and for employers who need to attract and keep the right talent, to forge a sustainable future. This and a previous report in 2016,”The Future of Jobs”  jointly address the need for workers affected by the rise of technology, to transition to jobs which will be unaffected or facilitated by these changes. The former report lists a Top Ten of skills which will be needed by 2020. The Top 3 of these are:

·        Complex Problem solving

·        Critical Thinking

·        Creativity

Further down the list, are other ‘thinking’ skills; Emotional Intelligence, Judgment and Decision Making and Cognitive Flexibility.

In short, humans need to capitalise on their value in areas in which machines cannot yet perform. Far from reducing and threatening our humanity, as some people fear, the Fourth Industrial Revolution may well help us to return to a more thoughtful and fulfilling mode of living and working, so long as we are able to grasp these opportunities.

Lego Serious Play ® and similar methodologies provide tools for creating learning in all of these areas. Using Lego, teams can work through questions ranging from the simple,(“What do I bring to the team?”), to the very complex – building multifaceted systems, testing the behaviour of systems under stress, extracting guiding principles and heuristics. Totally subject agnostic, and flexible in terms of time (from short workshops to workshops lasting several days). Lego Serious Play® is the ideal solution for learning around systems thinking, innovation, organisational change, or any number of other wicked problems.

If you are interested in exploring how LSP might work for learning in your organisation, or how you might use it for enquiry or designing strategy, please get in touch to organise a demo.

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