30th October 2014

Why your learning feedback is ineffective

One way of viewing human interaction with the outside world is in terms of a feedback loop. Even the simplest action, such as taking a step forward, illustrates this. We take a step. As a result of this, multiple sensory […]

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9th October 2014

Five ways to use your intuition for making decisions and sparking innovation

Have you ever been in the situation where simply working harder didn’t work for you? You had a difficult decision to make or a knotty problem which needed a solution – fast. The more you pushed, the more you used […]

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7th October 2014

Organisational learning – a luxury you can’t afford?

In the current economic climate it is tempting, if not necessary, to economise on the ‘non-essential’ aspects of your business. The essentials for you probably include salaries, utility bills, paying suppliers and other operational expenses. It’s also likely you will […]

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