25th April 2014

A haunted finishing school??

Today’s Boardgamizer Challenge emerged as follows:

  • Mechanic  – Roll and move, Action point allowance system
  • Theme – Ladies, Haunted building, Conspiracy
  • Victory – Be the quickest
  • Constraint – Must have cards with a secret goal

Very pleased to see ‘Action point allowance system’ show up.  The creative block which led me to start this intensive game-a-day challenge is about creating a serious game to learn about running a business.  It is almost certain that the game will use this mechanic – businesses are, after all, systems which require one to allocate scarce resources (money, time, people etc.) to achieve required results.  I think it will be an excellent exercise for me to look at this mechanic outside the context of struggling with the business game.

A spooky thunderstorm has just this second started.  Hope it lasts until I have got to the bottom of the ‘Haunted Building’ part of the theme.  Lots of scope here, but the first thing that comes to mind, when combined with Ladies, is a haunted finishing school.  I can see quite clearly a group of daring young gels (probably called ‘Daisy’ or ‘Enid’ or some such),  trying to unmask a sinister group of teachers who are probably up to their bally necks in Satanism or Nazi Gold or something.  Ooooh – I really hope that works as a theme because it’s going to be hard to let go if not.  Might have to watch ‘Ripping Yarns’ later for a bit of inspiration (I think I might have a copy of ‘Fourth Form at Mallory Towers’ somewhere too).

Obviously the triumphant gel is going to have to be quick if she’s going to outwit the forces of evil and become the heroine of the day.  On the other hand, the theme feels more cooperative, so maybe I will have the players playing together against the game.  There is a game I picked up a while ago called ‘Vampire Hunter’ which either has one of the players being victorious (off the back of the effort of all players, sometimes) or Count Dracula prevails by getting his ship safely into Whitby Harbour and the unfortunate players join the legions of the undead.  This is done through a ‘track’ which the ship gradually advances along depending on what happens in the game.  I could use the ‘Roll and Move’ mechanism to control the ‘evil’ side in this game and mean that players have to be quick to triumph.

The ‘secret goal’ cards will work very well with the ‘Conspiracy’ theme.  I might even be able to have some players working for both sides (“Mwahaha”).

Well, this seems to have gone a lot smoother than struggling with yesterday’s theme of ‘Trains’.  Hopefully, this means that this exercise of forcing myself to think of games quickly is working and I have become a creative genius and powerhouse of games creation.  More likely it means I am kidding myself, and I going to come a massive cropper in a couple of hours when I have to rethink entirely.  Time will tell.  I’m going to play with some game bits now and see what comes out.  Rules and so on to follow in second post later.


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